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Fordson-mounted Gleaner - 8ft
Gleaner S - 6ft - walker
Gleaner Six S / S42 - 7ft - walker
Gleaner M2
Gleaner M2R  (rice cylinder)
Allis Chalmers Tractor Page
Miscellaneous Equipment Page
Terms and Definitions
Gleaner Pull Type 10ft / 12ft
Gleaner A - 12ft - walker separation
Gleaner R - 12ft - raddle separation
Gleaner NR / NA - 12ft
Gleaner T - 6ft - raddle
Gleaner E - 12ft - raddle or walker
Gleaner F - 12ft - walker or raddle
Gleaner J - 9ft - raddle  (corn header)
All-Crop 60 / 60H
All-Crop 40
Gleaner H - 9ft - walker
All-Crop 60A
Gleaner A
Gleaner R
Gleaner P-80 - 80" cutter
Gleaner B
Gleaner T / T2 (2 row) / T3 (3 row)
Gleaner AH  (hillside)
All-Crop 66 / 66 s.II (big bin)
All-Crop SP100  (self-propelled)
All-Crop 90
All-Crop Super 100  (self-propelled)
All-Crop 72
All-Crop SP110  (prototype for Gleaner T)
Gleaner C
Gleaner E
Gleaner CR  (rice cylinder)
Gleaner CT  (track model)
Gleaner CH  (hillside)
Gleaner A series II
Gleaner C series II
Gleaner E3  (3 row)
Gleaner F
Gleaner G
Gleaner K
Gleaner GH  (hillside)
Gleaner FR  (rice cylinder)
Gleaner L
Gleaner M
Gleaner MH  (hillside)
Gleaner L2
Gleaner MH2  (hillside)
Gleaner K2
Gleaner F2
Gleaner N6  (rotary)
Gleaner N5  (rotary)
Gleaner N7  (rotary)  A-C or Deutz-Allis labels
Gleaner L3  (A-C "Corn Plus" or Deutz-Allis decals)
Gleaner M3  (A-C "Corn Plus" or Deutz-Allis decals)
Allis Gleaner MH3  (hillside)
Gleaner F3  (A-C "Corn Plus" or Deutz-Allis decals)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R5  (rotary)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R6  (rotary)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R7  (rotary)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R50  (rotary)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R60  (rotary)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R70  (rotary)
Deutz-Allis Gleaner R40  (rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R42  (rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R52  (rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R62  (rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R72  (rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner C62  (conventional)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R65  (transverse rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R75  (transverse rotary)
Agco-Allis Gleaner R55  (transverse rotary)
Agco Gleaner A65  (axial rotor)
Agco Gleaner A75  (axial rotor)
Agco Gleaner A85  (axial rotor)
Curtis Harvester 30
Fleming-Hall wire brush combine
Allis Chalmers Corn Belt Combine
Allis Chalmers High-Speed Combine
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